Bingo players are very friendly will be happy to talk to you about any bingo problems that you may be going through during the game. Make sure you do not forget that you are on their turf. There are some etiquettes you should follow when you are at a bingo hall so that you will not disturb the crowd playing. Here are some of the tips to be followed when you are making your way through the game hall:

Watch out for lucky seats in the hall

Some of the regular players are very particular in where they want to sit during the game. If you grab their sit by mistake in the hall and it happens to be their lucky seat, then you will be asked to move. It also a good idea to respect their request.

Bingo paper

Never take out your frustrations on the caller

Usually, the players who are on a losing streaking are best-known to express their frustrations by yelling at the caller or even making other sarcastic or mean comments that the caller can hear. You should always maintain your calm during the game. If there is a real reason to change the caller as he is not loud or if he is announcing the numbers very fast, you request the bingo manager to change to change the caller.

Don’t be a parrot

Some players in the game have the habit of repeating the same numbers as they are called out. This might help them to concentrate, but it is very distracting and disturbing for the other players in the game hall. Try to keep talking and also maintain a minimum voice while the numbers are called.

Only smoke in places allotted for smoking

Smoking and bingo are inseparable by the regular players of the game, and also bingo halls are the last indoor establishments in the United States to welcome smokers. Not everyone will accept smoking as the smoke can ruin their play and enjoyment of the game or even make them feel sick. It is a big problem for other players if there is not proper ventilation in the room.


Pipe down

This is the most important unwritten rule in the lot that you should follow. You will notice that the regular players of the game pipe down instantly as soon as the callers start his business.

Keep the kids quiet

Most of the players will understand why you have brought your kids, but they will tolerate any children running around at the hall as it is very distracting and disturbing, it will be tough for them to concentrate. Ensure you bring an activity or two to engage the kids and to keep them occupied. Some game halls offer the kids a “fun” bingo cards to keep them occupied.

Think before you call bingo

Calling out bingo stops the game flow. If a false bingo is called out, then the regular players get irritated with you, and they might even start crumbling up the paper sheets with frustration due to the false bingo.